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The Temporary High-Dol ($TIDOL) is an ERC-20 Token on the Polygon Blockchain and is used as the Gouvernance token of the WeedoVerse DAO and will be swapped for the $IDOL token a couple of weeks before the Public Launch. The $TIDOL will allow the DAO to pay the Team and the existing community to vote or purchase NFT lands in WeedoVerse and start building their own space.


WeedoPeeps Claim

From 07/17  until 07/23

125 000

$TIDOL Pool Size

50 000

Co-founders 10% of the Token Supply 50,000 Claimed

50 000

40 Legendary WeedoPeeps 10% of the Token Supply 23,750/ 50,000

25 000

250 Epic WeedoPeeps 5% of the Token Supply 11,600/ 25,000

After swap, $IDOL Vesting: 10% on TGE then 15% every 3m for 18 months

88,850 $TIDOL



F.A.Q. about the $TIDOL Presale

What is a $TIDOL?

The $TIDOL is the Temporary token that allows WeedoVerse to become a DAO and get our members to vote for the project development at this Pre-launch stage. It is also used for our team to receive payments until we finish fully developing the project and raise the necessary funds for liquidities and project expenses.

What is is $TIDOL connection with the $IDOL?

The $TIDOL has the same value of the $IDOL, so at public launch, the $TIDOL will become $IDOL and sold at 11$ per token.
1 $TIDOL = 1 $IDOL = $11

At what price can I buy $TIDOL token?

The price of the $TIDOL token during Pre-Seed (Before Beta Version) is at $8, During Seed (After Beta Launch) it is at $10, PUBLIC SALE on Launchpad is at $10 and it will be publicly listed at $11.

What is the maximum amount of tokens that I can purchase?

Each wallet, individual, or company, can purchase a maximum of 10 000 $IDOL or 2% of the total token supply.

How exactly does the WeedoVerse Launchpad work?

$IDOL Sales are carried out through different Web3 Launchpads. During the Launchpad round, platforms will allow their group of investors to access early-stage token sales before the public listing.

How do I set up a software wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet, etc.)?

This video shows the necessary steps to set up a software wallet: CREATE A METAMASK WALLET. Be sure to back up your seed phrase (12/24 words) in a safe place.

How to buy $IDOL token using a smartphone or tablet?

To buy the $IDOL token using a mobile device, you can use an app such as Trustwallet or Metamask to connect to WalletConnect, as shown in the following video: Create Metamask Wallet

Where can I find the $TIDOL smart contract?

Our smart contract will be published on our Website in the token section as well as in the tokenomics section of our whitepaper

Does $TIDOL and $IDOL smart contract have a security audit?

Our contracts have undergone multiple internal audits and tests, as well as commissioned audit from external audit company.

Does the $IDOL token have vesting?

Yes, the High-Dol tokens require vesting to stabilize the $IDOL’s price. Immediately after the sale, you can claim your $IDOL from the Token Dashboard.

Is a public listing guaranteed for Tier 1 CEX after PUBLIC SALE?

Yes. Our business development team is negotiating with the top 20 exchanges and already received confirmation from some of them.

Will the $IDOL token be listed on Uniswap?

Yes, listing on Uniswap is guaranteed through a liquidity pool.

How will the investment be used?

The proceeds from the sale of $IDOL tokens will be distributed on a percentage basis among the following sectors: 50% to Game Development, 30% to Operating expenses and 20% to liquidity

Do the team and advisors have vestings?

Yes. Team and advisors have the following vesting:  18 months linear vesting.

Where can I find out the details on the timing and stages of the project?

There is a roadmap on our website. We follow it exactly, and even slightly ahead of the stated deadlines for some stages.

If I have additional questions or would like to receive the clarifications necessary for me to make a decision, who can I contact?

You can contact us directly by email contact@weedoverse.com Alternatively, you can ask your questions on our Discord general channel.

Wanna Talk ? contact@weedoverse.com or through on one of our social network


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WeedoPeeps Claiming Page



Wanna Talk ? contact@weedoverse.com or through on one of our social network


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