Growth Hacker $16.50/ Hour

IMPORTANT: All job offers will be paid in $TIDOL DAO Token , Each WeedoTeam Member will be able to claim up to 50% of their earn token in cash at the Project Public Launch in March 2024. The rest of your $TIDOL will be swapped into $IDOL and distributed through time as mentioned in the tokenomics in the vesting period area.

Project: WeedoVerse & WeedoFarm (2-4 person)
Role Description: Growth Hacker
Location: Remote
Hourly Rate: $16.50/hour paid in DAO Token: 1.5 $TIDOL = 1.5 $IDOL
Hours/ Month: 50-100
Duration: 6 month: 3 month to the Beta Version 25 November + 3 month to Public release
Start: as early as possible

We are seeking a talented and creative Growth Hacker to join our team and drive user acquisition, engagement, and retention for both WeedoVerse and WeedoFarm. 

Develop and execute growth hacking strategies: You will be responsible for developing and implementing innovative growth hacking strategies to attract and engage users, drive user acquisition, and increase user retention for WeedoVerse and WeedoFarm. This includes analyzing data, identifying growth opportunities, and creating data-driven experiments. 
User acquisition and conversion optimization: You will work closely with the marketing team to devise and execute effective user acquisition campaigns across various channels, such as social media, influencers, advertising platforms, and partnerships. Your focus will be on optimizing conversion rates and maximizing the ROI of acquisition efforts. 
Analytics and data-driven decision making: Utilize data analytics tools and platforms to measure the effectiveness of growth initiatives, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and identify areas for improvement. Use data insights to drive informed decision making and iterate on growth strategies. 
Viral and referral marketing: Develop and implement viral marketing strategies to encourage organic growth, word-of-mouth referrals, and user-generated content. Design and execute referral programs to incentivize existing users to invite and onboard new users. 
A/B testing and optimization: Conduct A/B tests and multivariate experiments to optimize user experiences, conversion funnels, and user retention. Continuously iterate and refine growth initiatives based on data-driven insights and user feedback. 
Community engagement and user retention: Develop strategies to foster a vibrant and engaged user community within WeedoVerse and WeedoFarm. Implement initiatives such as events, contests, and social interactions to enhance user retention and create a sense of belonging. 
Collaborate with cross-functional teams: Work closely with the product development, marketing, and design teams to ensure growth initiatives align with the overall product vision, brand strategy, and user experience. Provide insights and recommendations to influence product decisions that drive growth. 

Proven experience as a Growth Hacker or similar role, preferably within the gaming, blockchain, or tech industry. 
Strong understanding of growth hacking principles, tactics, and strategies. 
Proficiency in data analysis and experience working with analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or similar. 
Solid knowledge of user acquisition channels, including social media, influencer marketing, advertising platforms, and partnerships. 
Familiarity with A/B testing and experimentation frameworks to optimize user experiences and conversion rates. 
Excellent analytical skills and ability to derive insights from data to make informed decisions. 
Creative mindset with a passion for exploring unconventional growth opportunities. 
Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with cross-functional teams. 
Proactive, self-motivated, and results-oriented, with the ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. 
Familiarity with blockchain technology and the play-to-earn gaming model is a plus. 

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